Studio 88 is a fully integrated marketing and communication agency that offers a holistic approach to digital thinking, with fine attention to detail and global quality standards across mediums and formats.

From conception to implementation to consultancy, we provide innovative, creative, and on-point branding, marketing, design and communication solutions that cater to the needs of clients worldwide.

Our agency name combines the 88 constellations known to man with the passion, energy, and spirit of a fast-growing studio.

Fostering Diversity

Since our establishment in 2013, we have built a dynamic team of in-house and remote talents. The team combines multidisciplinary knowledge with a rich cultural background and cross-cultural sensitivity, and crafts compelling messages and carefully thought-out design outcomes that meet your communication needs.

Our Vision

To help our clients stand out in our digital age through a unique identity and international standards.

Our Strategy

To offer tailored creative solutions with a mix of multidisciplinary knowledge, cutting-edge marketing and communication expertise, and diverse cultural backgrounds.


  • Expertise

    Our creative and strategic experts combine their skill sets to craft compelling messages and carefully thought-out designs for your brand.

  • Understanding

    We make sure to understand your business needs and requirements to create tailored solutions that meet your challenges.

  • Diversity

    Our talent from around the globe combines multidisciplinary knowledge with a rich cultural background and international quality standards.

  • Efficiency

    For every project, we develop a clear and efficient process so you see the result on time, as expected.

  • Customization

    The services we offer can be handpicked according to your needs or integrated for a holistic design, digital, and communication outcome.

Our Areas of Expertise

Marketing is at the heart of a successful brand. At Studio 88, we offer outside-the-box, tailored creative direction to materialize your communication and event requirements based on a solid marketing strategy. Our services are developed to promote your brand, boost your sales, grow your business, and build a long-term customer base.

Studio 88 proudly offers the following professional services:

Why do you need Marketing?

● Increases your company’s visibility
● Enables you to understand your customers
● Promotes your business to the right target audience
● Boosts sales of your products or services
● Helps grow your business prospects and customer base



of internet users prefer learning about products through content instead of traditional advertisements (Source: Responsify)


of marketers publish at least one piece of content per day (Source: Responsify)


of marketers worldwide believe that relevant content is the most effective SEO tactic (Source: Responsify)


of consumers tend to make unplanned purchases through personalized content (Source: Webfx)


of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy (Source: Responsify)